…the Brazilians burn for Jesus! 

Before I start I will say that the title is just a language of speech but there is some truth on it!

You know I’ve been thinking a lot about what God wants to do on these last days!

I believe that in this hour God is awakening the Church to His divine purpose! His plan is to release showers of Mercy over everyone and we are part of the ministry of reconciliation. That’s why are the messengers of the Gospel!

I really believe that Brazilians are the catalyst sparkling to the revival in the nations of the Earth! We have seen that Brazil has the most missionaries around the globe! This is the fruit of what we received in the past by many missionaries from Europe, North America, etc.

Although the harvest is ripe, the labourers are few! * I Pray God would send labourers that are burning for the Gospel! 

As an immigrant from Brazil living in the cold land called Canada, I feel like every day I need to position myself as a missionary! Even if you don’t know you should ask a question: there must be a reason why I am here! Some of you think you are here just because you planned! No! God brought you here in a mission! He didn’t take out of your comfort to serve jezebel and mammon!

For me, It feels like it’s an act of gratitude where I choose to pour out everything back to what missionaries invested in my home country! We have two options at this time: whether we come and partner with the Holy Spirit or we walk according to our own plans which don’t last without the Presence.

Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

I submit this to you! But my question is! What have we done for the sake of the Gospel in the last three years? You see (Brazilians) we can play church, create our own programs, but we might get lost in our old experiences if we are not open to the NEW! Something needs to be adjusted if we are only living from service to service! From Meeting to meeting and not sharing the Gospel on a regular basis! We start that by building relationships!

God is calling us as a Church to come up higher! He didn’t call you to live abroad to be stuck in the past! He is doing something new right now! It’s time for us to step into it! You are called to BURN! You are called to live in full connection with the Holy Spirit!

Brazilians and nations represented in Canada, you carry the keys of revival! Position yourself!

Revival is not about crazy stuff happening but it’s about going back to Porter’s house!

You can only live what you cultivate! What have you cultivated lately? As you have communion with God every single day, Life will flow out of the abundance of your heart!

I pray that will be an alignment of destinies among nations! Where there will be an exchange! Where people from the land and vice versa will say: please teach us what you have learned in your country! Share with us some of the secrets from your land, Impart to us what you carry as a foreign!

According to Genesis, here are some of the things I believe we should focus on as the body of Christ on these days!

God’s presence is vital

We are called to honour his presence! We are called to lay down our plans and let the King come through!


God’s heart is to see healthy families and friendships! We must be intentional on walking with each other and loving one another without strings attached. Once you are mature you won’t be offended! Why would you have boundaries if we don’t see Jesus having none toward people?


I would rather substitute the word relationship to Prayer! I believe that we should have a life of prayer! We see throughout the scripture that Jesus, Daniel, and many others had a life of prayer! It’s a place where our hearts are connected with the heart of God! If you want to grow with God, you need to start praying! We don’t pray to get answers but we pray to enjoy the fellowship of God’s presence and from that place, He answers!